November 9, 2019

Since we've been back in Texas we have been busy as ever! So much to do here, I really do love living in Austin. For Halloween we dressed up as Daria and Jane and went to the Mohawk to see Locust. Austin came with us dressed as link (again). It was an amazing show and … Continue reading November 9, 2019

October 29, 2019

Well we made it back to Texas. The band's van broke down in Colorado so Krista and Chris packed into my car with Justin and I and we headed for home. Alex says his dad has a way to tow it back down and him and Nick stayed in Colorado until their flight back. Meanwhile, … Continue reading October 29, 2019

Accountability (a resurfaced poem)

Squint to reexamine dirt under stained yellow nail bedsForce open examiners to reassess the stained yellow photograph of someone I thought, Me-Brush the dirt off of my body and bed and hoping to reassessors they look pretty and clean. All of this, PostLate night wandering,ginger, and middle shelf whiskeyThat slowly swallowed me wholly as water shouldPreLust for … Continue reading Accountability (a resurfaced poem)

Fooling Ourselves

Unglued colour Misplaced heels Coming home Camera reels,                 Thread Pretty parents Pretty kids You'd never guess How they would live,                      Dead Love and laugh Choke and hate Growing crooked Playing straight,                       Red Killer whales Living bones Fresh wars Old stones,                Bent Slave to substance Sworn to sorrow So much … Continue reading Fooling Ourselves